New Health Benefits of Wine and Why You Need More of It In Your Life

"Wine is bottled poetry."
-Robert Louis Stevenson

Looking for more reasons to make wine a regular part of your routine? You've come to the right place. Turns out, not only is vino delicious and enjoyable, it's also good for you. (Boom! Score one for the wine lovers out there.) So, we're taking a quick look at the numerous health benefits of drinking wine.


We've all heard that a glass of red wine is good for the heart. (Thank you, science!) But that's not all. As luck would have it, moderate consumption of wine may have far more health benefits than we initially knew. How much more? You're about to find out. Pour yourself a nice big glass and get ready to feel great about your life choices! 

Why Wine?

Wine is Good for Your Brain

According to a study in the Oxford Academic Journals, regularly consuming wine (in moderation) may help to naturally decelerate the aging process of your brain! That's thanks largely to Resveratrol, which exists naturally in wine. 

But that's not all it does for your brain! Not only does wine help fight brain aging, it can also help prevent memory loss. Thanks (again) to that miraculous chemical Resveratrol, drinking wine in moderation can help you stave off the forgetfulness that comes with growing older.

In fact, Resveratrol has even been found to have potential for fighting Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's. So, pop some corks, break out your custom wine gear, and drink a toast to your brain. It'll thank you.


Wine is Anti-Cancer

You heard us right! Due largely to the Resveratrol (surprise, surprise) regularly consuming wine can help your body to kill cancer-causing cells. (And who doesn't want that?!) Making wine a regular part of your life can help reduce your risk of:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Digestive Cancer
  • Colon Cancer
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Liver Cancer
  • Lung Cancer
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • And More

Celebrate the good news and kick cancer in the teeth at the same time. Grab your personalized wine glass and pour yourself a delicious serving of anti-cancer goodness.


Wine is Loaded with Vitamins

It's a fact of life, our bodies don't always make all the things they naturally need. Because of that, we end up supplementing with vitamins we buy at the store. Well, what if we told you you could be drinking some of those vitamins instead?

Wine naturally contains a variety of vitamins that are excellent for our bodies. Including:

  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Potassium
  • B-6
  • Calcium
  • And More

That's quite the list! And all available in the convenient, delicious delivery method of a nice glass of wine. Now, that's something to celebrate! Reach for your Vinglace and pour yourself a perfect glass of wine that's always just right. (Better than those chalky Flintstones vitamins, huh? )


Wine is Good for Your Outsides

Wine's not just good for the unseen stuff. In addition to all the amazing benefits a glass of wine can have for the internal processes of your body, making wine a regular part of your routine can also have positive effects externally in a variety of ways:

Wine can prevent dental disease, cavities, and tooth decay.
Taking care of your teeth is important! Proper dental care can even help reduce your risk of heart disease. So down a glass of red to help preserve those pearly whites.

Wine can help get rid of acne.
If acne is an issue for you (assuming you're of legal age), grab a glass and drink away your zits instead of poking at your face for hours. 

Wine can help you stay fit.
Whether you're looking to shed a few pounds, or just maintain your current lifestyle, wine can help. Several studies (like this one) have shown that the Resveratrol found in wine can have similar effects on the body to those gained from exercise. Regular wine consumption (in moderation) can lead to increased muscle strength, improved cardiovascular function, and increased weight loss.
We're not saying you should skip the gym, but if you do end up staying home maybe try curling a wine glass to your lips. If nothing else, it tastes better than gym water.


All this good news got you starting to feel like a wine lover? Check this out.


Long Story Short...

Long story short: Wine is good. It's also good for you. And Resveratrol is basically a superhero living in our midst.

There are so many benefits that come from regularly drinking wine. We've only just scratched the surface here. (Be sure to tell us your favorite benefits of wine drinking in the comments below if we missed them.) The positives gained from regular wine time are vast and growing more so every day as new discoveries are made and tests are conducted. 

So, let's all raise a glass to our health. And toast to wine, for being the best adult beverage your doctor can't be too mad at you for drinking.


Something as good for you as wine is worth investing in. Check out these awesome personalized wine products and drink your way to health in style.