Must Have Wine Accessories for Fall


Despite what the thermostat might be telling you, fall is here. (What are you talking about? It’s a million degrees outside! We don’t disagree. But heat doesn’t change the way calendars work.) Which means that winter is lurking just around the corner. But, it’s not here yet! There’s still time to start gathering supplies before winter arrives. (And by supplies, we mean lots and lots and lots of wine and plenty of ways to transport and drink it.) To help you out, we’ve put together this list of Must Have Wine Accessories for Fall.

Must Have Wine Accessories for Fall

Personalized Vinglacés

Every #WineGear collection needs a good wine chiller. But who has time for all those buckets and ice? And what if you’re drinking a red that you need kept at the right temperature but not chilled? In the past, each type of wine demanded its own special treatment when it came to transportation and temperature control. No longer.

The Vinglacé is the solution to any and all of your wine transportation and/or temperature control needs. Each Vinglacé is made from double insulated stainless steel, so it works much the same way your Yeti or Rtic cup does. (If your Yeti can keep your coffee hot until well after lunch, or keep your ice from melting all day long, just imagine what the Vinglacé can do for your wine!

Set your wine game apart from the rest by personalizing your Vinglacé. Every Vinglacé from Shop Engrave It Houston can be custom engraved to personalize it with a design of your choice. Personalize your wine gear with a custom engraving and be the one all your friends are jealous of next time you get together for drinks.

Personalized Wine Glasses

Whether you’re a fan of the stainless steel or classic crystal, a personalized wine glass should be at the top of your wine gear wish list.

Unless you’re drinking straight from the bottle (no judgement, you do you) you’re going to need a glass for your wine. There are numerous routes you can go when it comes to wine glasses (glass, stainless steel, stemless, etc). Ultimately it’s going to be a matter of personal preference. But, regardless of the style you elect to go with, you’re going to want to trick it out a little bit.

No matter the style of wine glass you prefer, you can personalize it with a custom engraving. Because, while drinking wine is definitely awesome, drinking wine from a glass that’s customized with a design of your choice or monogrammed with your initials is a million times more awesome!

Personalized Corkscrew

A super classy, low-key way to up your wine game is by adding a personalized corkscrew to your vino arsenal.

You may not always need it (thank you, boxed wine) but a personalized corkscrew is a must have addition to the collection of any true #WineLover. It might not see as much use as your engraved wine glass will, but for those moments when you have a nice bottle of wine that needs opening, doing it with a corkscrew with your initials engraved on it just makes that moment all the more special.

A personalized corkscrew also makes a brilliant gift or stocking-stuffer for the wine lovers in your life.


Winter will be here before you know it. Don’t let these high temps in September lull you into a false sense of hope that it won’t. And when winter arrives, there will be two types of people. Those with plenty of wine to enjoy with their custom personalized wine gear… and those without. Which will you be?