Hickory Wood Joins Our Cutting Board Family

One of the best parts about families is that they can grow! And our cutting board family is no different. We at ShopEngraveItHouston.com are pleased and proud to announce that Hickory has joined the ranks of cutting board wood varieties we offer on our site! Now, you can custom order your own personalized hickory wood cutting board right from the comfort of your own home!

Want to share in our celebration? We don’t blame you. Allow us to introduce you to the newest member of our cutting board family.


A Bit of Backstory

Hickory wood began its rise in popularity as a wood of choice, not in kitchens but on diamonds. Before it was replaced by ash wood, hickory was the wood of choice for manufacturing baseball bats. This was due largely to hickory wood’s incredible toughness and durability. That same toughness and durability which helped hickory withstand fastball after fastball on the baseball field will help it hold up to chop after chop after chop in your kitchen.

How Tough is Tough?

Hickory wood is so tough, in fact, that it comes in at an astounding 1820 on the Janka Scale (a fancy test used for gauging the hardness of wood types by measuring the force needed to mash a stainless steel ball into them). As a result, hickory has been ranked as the second hardest hardwood in North America. This unparalleled toughness makes hickory wood a clearly superior cutting board wood choice. Which is one of the many reasons we’ve decided to add hickory to our cutting board family.

Aesthetically Speaking…

Hickory wood is also beautiful to look at. (Just another reason why we decided to add it to our cutting board family.) Hickory features a very striking color profile, which makes it ideal for home decor type projects like a cutting board. (It also means that hickory wood cutting boards take engravings extremely well.) The pale sapwood of hickory blends silkily with the richer reddish brown heartwood - creating a smooth, subtle complexion which ensures a hickory wood cutting board is at home on any counter top.

Added Bonus!


Hickory wood cutting boards (like all of our cutting boards at ShopEngraveItHouston.com) are also naturally anti-microbial. Which is a huge bonus. What’s so special about that? What’s that word even mean? Anti-microbial is just a fancy way of saying it fights germs and bacteria. It just happens naturally. (Pretty neat, huh?) These natural germ fighting properties become extremely handy once you remember we use our hickory wood for cutting boards. Which means, that your hickory wood cutting board is not only incredibly tough and will last for generations without showing a lot of wear and tear but also will help you take care of it (and yourself) by naturally fighting the germs and bacteria that might try to live on its surface!

FUN FACTS (Hickory Wood edition)

  • Hickory wood was favored by Native Americans for constructing their bows.

  • Hickory wood was used heavily during the early days of aviation and airplane construction.

  • Hickory is a favorite choice for use when flavoring meat by smoking.

  • Hickory wood is roughly 40% tougher than traditional Red Oak wood.